Manuka Washbar Dogs
Manuka Washbar Dogs
Manuka Washbar Dogs

Manuka Washbar for Dogs

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Washbar Manuka WashBar For Dogs is made with some extra special ingredients to make it ideal for dogs with sensitive or problem skin that need more help from their shampoo. Many pet shampoos are made with chemical ingredients – sulfates and parabens and artificial fragrances. WashBar soap is a much simpler, safer and natural way to wash your dog. The special blend of essential oils have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat skin irritations and infections.

It’s the natural alternative to medicated shampoos, as well as being an easy to use general shampoo. As a bonus the Manuka WashBar also helps with flea control – it is a natural non-toxic flea shampoo, and will also clear ticks and lice off your pet. It’s also perfect for dogs that have skin problems or hot spots and even works well on long haired or doublecoated dogs.

With the equivalent of over 450ml of shampoo in every bar washing is so much easier with a solid bar and massaging the soap into your pet helps calm and relax them.
Sodium palmate
Sodium cocoate
Neem oil
Lemon myrtle oil
Sodium chloride
Kanuka essential oil
Manuka essential oil
Titanium dioxide